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ReadingQuest is designed to help early readers, usually in Year 2. These children don’t have the key skills and strategies needed for successful reading. Their lack of reading ability means they are at risk of falling behind in all their lessons. We know from experience that appropriate extra support at this stage can have a huge impact on their long-term academic achievement and their future life chances.  

“ReadingQuest children make, on average, 11 months progress in reading over the six week period”

There are many reasons why children may not have reached the expected standard in reading, including lack of support at home, having English as a second language, and coping with a range of emotional and behavioural difficulties. However, one thing that is common to most of the children we work with is the lack of confidence in themselves as learners. Our enjoyable and highly personalised one-to-one sessions can make a world of difference.  

How does ReadingQuest work?

The partner school will identify children who need some extra help with their reading. Quest for Learning tutors will then work one-to-one with the children over a six-week period, providing an intensive programme of support of three half-hour sessions each week. 

Tutors are trained to observe each child carefully to identify barriers to learning and then tailor lessons to the needs of each pupil. Every lesson involves supported reading, some written work, and precision teaching of keywords or phonic strategies, using a variety of methods including playing literacy games.  

At the end of each session, the child chooses a book to take home and is given a ‘quest’ to encourage them to share the book at home and discover the answer to a question posed by them or the tutor. 

Tutors assess children at the beginning and end of the programme. ReadingQuest children make, on average, 14 months progress in reading and 8 months progress in spelling over the six-week period. Many gain a new-found confidence in themselves as readers and a real engagement with books. 

ReadingQuest has made a big impact on my child, it helps her with her writing, reading and boosts her confidence”. (Parent)

“I didn’t ever want to stop doing ReadingQuest. It was so much fun.” (Pupil)

“ReadingQuest is a fantastic opportunity for your child to take part in and to help them reach their potential”. (Headteacher)

Max's Story

Max had recently been placed in foster care. His self-esteem had been badly damaged and learning was extremely difficult for him, particularly at a time when he was adjusting to so much upset and change. He was identified as a child who would benefit from some 1:1 tuition with the Quest for Learning ‘Reading Quest’ programme. Between September and December Max settled into the routine of working with his tutor and began to thrive. In fact, he made two years’ worth of progress in his reading in those few months! In a recent session he proudly brought along his new class reading book and explained to his Quest for Learning tutor that he had been moved up to ‘green’ - he’d made it! Green is the appropriate reading level for his age. Four months previously he’d been unable to read sentences. At that moment, Max felt on top of the world!

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