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Quest for Learning works with schools in and around Oxford, particularly those in areas of deprivation, to identify children who would benefit from additional targeted literacy or numeracy support from one of our support programmes. Our specially trained tutors deliver the programmes in schools, working one-to-one or with groups of children, liaising closely with school staff to identify and target the needs of those pupils so that they can individually design the programme to suit each child.

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Family links

Quest for Learning works hard to involve parents and carers in our teaching and understands that such partnership working can have a dynamic impact, not only on the children involved with our programmes, but on siblings in the home and on the adults themselves.

Once children have been selected for a programme, we work with families through:

Establishing regular contact. Tutors update families about lessons and answer questions that parents / carers may have.

Inviting parents and carers to come and observe 1:1 lessons.

Family Library sessions or Numskills workshops where families can play literacy or maths games together.

Providing information about Adult Learning classes for parents and carers who wish to improve their own literacy and numeracy skills.

Organising celebration assemblies in schools for families once their child has completed one of our programmes

A survey by Oxford University Press of some 300 teachers found that more than half of them believed that many children in their classes had never been read a bedtime story (April 2010). Quest for Learning works to promote home literacy and numeracy and empower parents to play an active part in their child’s education.

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