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Vision, Mission & Values


Vision statement 

A future in which children from all backgrounds can succeed equally in education and in life. 

Mission statement 

To work collaboratively to close the disadvantage gap in children's literacy and numeracy skills.

Organisational Values

We are:

· child-centred – we recognise each child's individual abilities and needs, keeping them at the heart of what we do

· empowering – we support our beneficiaries to increase skills, improve their self-concept, and take ownership of their learning

· evidence-led – we continually review our impact and adapt our processes in line with emerging evidence

· co-operative – we value the expertise of schools and other charities, and actively seek opportunities for collaboration

Organisational Goals

We intend to:

· address the disadvantage gap in educational attainment through our charitable activities

· be widely recognised as a trusted partner by schools

· be widely recognised as an expert voice by educational policy makers and other key stakeholders

· drive third-sector collaboration in the field of educational disadvantage