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Nationally, almost 50% of children from low income families can't read properly when they leave primary school. If this statistic shocks you as much as it does us, could you help us support some of Oxfordshire's most disadvantaged children?

Since 1996, Quest for Learning has been helping to close the attainment gap in literacy and numeracy between Oxfordshire’s most disadvantaged primary-age children and their better-off peers. We believe that too many children are not fulfilling their academic potential through no fault of their own and we know that if these children don’t catch up with their peers by the time they leave primary school, their chances of doing so at secondary school are almost non-existent.  In the past 20 years, we have helped over 5000 children improve their reading, writing and maths, most living in areas of high deprivation across Oxfordshire.   

We use trained, paid and experienced tutors to deliver our unique literacy and maths programmes in Oxfordshire schools, with outstanding results. To find out more about the impact we made in 2019/20, read our report here.

But to fund our programmes, pay our tutors, and cover our administration costs, we need your help.  

So, if you believe that every child deserves a chance to achieve their potential, regardless of income or background, take a look at the ways in which you can help by clicking on the tabs at the top right of the page, or contact us on