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Our Vision


Vision statement 

Our vision is that every child who is potentially disadvantaged through difficulties with literacy and/or numeracy is inspired to become a successful independent learner. 

Mission statement 

Our mission is to inspire young minds by providing quality teaching and training that supports children in mastering skills in literacy and/or numeracy. 

Our Values (Teaching)
  • Every child has the ability to progress. 
  • Every child has the right to learn in an environment which feels safe and inspiring to them. 
  • Every child deserves to feel valued and listened to in a way that confirms their thoughts and opinions matter. 
  • The welfare of each child is paramount. 
  • Children are encouraged to see themselves as successful independent learners. 
  • The child’s parents/carers are respected and valued as the child’s primary educators. They are supported to become actively involved in the learning process. 
  • Teaching is tailored to the needs and personal strengths of each individual learner. 
  • All tutors are specially trained and receive ongoing professional development in order to achieve the highest possible standards in their teaching. 
Our Values (Training)
  • Adults who support children’s literacy and numeracy development should have access to the highest quality professional development training. 
  • Training should be innovative and inspiring, empowering those working with children to support them according to our teaching values. 
  • Training meets the needs of school staff and pupils and helps schools to raise standards. 
  • All delegates are valued equally and their skills and experience as educators are respected. Training builds on the individual expertise of delegates. 


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