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Numskills Resources



Do you have pupils who struggle to gain fluency in mental maths? Do they lack confidence in applying their skills in different contexts? Do they have gaps in their recall of number facts which holds them back from making progress?

The Numskills bank of resources has been designed to raise pupils enjoyment, confidence and fluency in mental maths. The resources can be used by teaching assistants, teachers, Maths subject leaders, SENCos or even trained volunteers. 

The Numskills activities have been developed in collaboration with maths specialists at Oxford Brookes University. These activities are designed for small group work and involve using everyday items, such as playing cards, dice and counters in easy-to-learn games that target specific learning objectives. Each activity is adaptable to a range of abilities and comes with suggestions for simplifications and challenges. Activities can be adapted for pupils in Year 1 to Year 4, and for some less-able pupils in Years 5 and 6.

    The Numskills resources are available to buy at £150 per pack and each includes: 

    • breakdown of specific links to curriculum (Year 2 - Year 3)
    • 30 games and activities using dice, playing cards, time and cooking, including preparation guidelines and suggested questions to guide learning, plus simplify and extend activities
    • corresponding master sheets and recording sheets which can be photocopied to support activities
    • number lines and squares

    We also produce a pack of Numskills Money resources, designed to improve an understanding of the value of money and how to use it in everyday situations. 

    Numskills Money costs £95.  Numskills and Numskills Money can be bought together for £200 - saving £45.​ Delivery costs will be advised on receipt of order. 

    Training in Numskills and Numskills Money can be organised in your school on request, and is designed for both teachers and teaching assistants. 

    Quest for Learning can also provide tutors to deliver intensive nine​-week numeracy programmes in school for identified pupils, based around the Numskills resources. 

    Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or would like to see a copy of the resources.