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Financial literacy is a key component of the current maths curriculum for primary schools, yet national research shows the UK is below average at teaching children about money. Locally, we know that fewer and fewer children have experience of handling money and that this key area of applied maths is proving problematic for schools. 

Numskills Money is a bank of engaging resources designed specifically to teach primary aged children, from Year 1 to Year 5,  to understand money and build the foundations for making mathematically secure decisions about money. There are a total of fourteen activities, all of which have been tried and tested in the classroom and are designed with clearly explained  'simplify' and 'extend' options to accommodate children working at different levels. The activities can be used with small groups of children or as part of whole class teaching. 

Teachers who have already attended the Numskills Money workshop were hugely impressed with the resources. 

"Practical, fun ideas to introduce money to children of various abilities"

"Brilliant resources, clearly presented"

The Numskills Money resources are now available to buy at £95 per pack and each includes: 

  • breakdown of specific links to curriculum (Year 1 - Year 5)
  • 8 activities focusing on Handling Money, including preparation guidelines and suggested questions to guide learning, plus simplify and extend activities. 
  • coloured master sheets which can be photocopied to support activities
  • 6 activities focusing on Making Decisions About Money, including preparation guidelines and suggested questions to guide learning, plus simplify and extend activities.  
  • corresponding master sheets and recording sheets which can be photocopied to support activities
  • number lines and squares

Numskills Money builds on the success of our original Numskills resources, designed to improve confidence in maths through enjoyable games and activities. 

The original Numskills pack of resources costs £150. Numskills and Numskills Money can be bought together for £200 - saving £45.​ Delivery costs will be advised on receipt of order. 

Training in Numskills and Numskills Money can be organised in your school on request, and is designed for both teachers and teaching assistants. 

Quest for Learning can also provide tutors to deliver intensive nine​-week numeracy programmes in school for identified pupils, based around the Numskills resources. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or would like to see a copy of the resources.

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