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National Tutoring Programme


Quest for Learning are delighted to be partnering with the National Tutoring Programme in their mission to support schools in providing a sustained response to the coronavirus pandemic and to provide a longer-term contribution to closing the attainment gap. 

We believe that children from all backgrounds should be able to succeed equally in education and in life. Since 1996, we've been working collaboratively with schools across Oxfordshire to tackle the disadvantage gap.

We're different from other charities which use volunteers to help pupils with reading and maths. Our tuition is delivered exclusively by staff tutors who are qualified primary school teachers or other experienced education professionals. This means you can be sure that your tutor has the pedagogical knowledge and experience to tailor our programmes to meet the needs of the individual child.

What we do

Our proven programmes have been designed in collaboration with education consultants to align with relevant programmes of study from the English curriculum, and extensively tested in schools. 


BookQuest is our KS2 literacy programme, aimed at those children who have learnt the basics of reading but lack the all-important comprehension skills and motivation to read.

Tutors use high quality, carefully chosen texts and associated activities to boost motivation and comprehension skills, as well as improving reading accuracy.


The programme focuses on:

  • Engagement
  • Reading comprehension and understanding
  • Vocabulary
  • Spoken language skills
  • Purposeful writing

It is most suitable for children who completed KS1 with good decoding skills, but whose progress has stalled due to lack of comprehension skills, vocabulary etc.


ReadingQuest is our KS1 literacy programme, targetting Year 2 children who are struggling in the early stages of reading and writing.

The programme is also suitable for children in Y1 (after Easter) and those children in Y3 who have significant gaps in their understanding of phonics and their ability to decode.


The programme focuses on:

  • Use of phonics and strategies for decoding
  • Fluency
  • Word recognition
  • Comprehension
  • Meaningful writing

It is most suitable for those children who are not predicted to reach the expected level in reading at the end of KS1 without intervention.

What people say about us

“T's reading confidence and ability has shot up. I have never been more grateful for an intervention or seen one work so well.” Class teacher (BookQuest)

“O's confidence has improved huge amounts! [ReadingQuest] has had a very positive impact on her attitude towards reading and motivation in phonics lessons. It also had a positive impact on her attendance.” Class teacher

“K has made huge progress with his reading and writing this term. He has also grown in confidence. Thank you!” Class teacher (ReadingQuest)

“BookQuest has opened up a passion and excitement for reading.” Parent (BookQuest)

“M has greatly benefitted from these sessions. I have seen a massive improvement in just a few weeks with his reading and his enjoyment of doing so.” Parent (ReadingQuest)

"When I came from Jamaica to the UK, I had support from your charity and it made me determined to better myself. Thank you!" Former pupil (ReadingQuest), now a paramedic


What we can offer

As an approved NTP Tuition Partner, we can provide supplementary tuition for 500 KS1 & KS2 pupils in Oxfordshire, using our proven literacy programmes:

  • 100 x BookQuest groups of 3 children. 15 hours of teaching, delivered as 2 x 45-minute sessions per week over 10 weeks.
  • 100 x ReadingQuest groups of 2 children. 15 hours of teaching, delivered as 3 x 30-minute sessions per week over 10 weeks.


How it will work
  • We'll agree with you the number of teaching blocks to be delivered and assign you an expert tutor.
  • You'll select the pupils you want to take part. 

Selected pupils should typically be eligible for Pupil Premium or experiencing equivalent levels of disadvantage.

In order to make it logistically viable for our tutors, minimum pupil numbers will apply at each partner school:

  • For BookQuest: 3 groups of 3 pupils per full term.
  • For ReadingQuest: 4 groups of 2 pupils per full term.
  • Once the details are agreed, and the required information has been submitted via the National Tutoring Programme's TutorHub, your tutor will be in touch to arrange the exact pattern of delivery.
  • Help and support will be available throughout from the Quest for Learning teaching team


What will it cost

As a charity, Quest for Learning strives to keep costs as low as possible. The NTP will subsidise 70% of the cost of each block of teaching, so schools only need to pay the remaining 30%:

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