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Resources for helping your child while schools are closed


If you are one of the many millions of parents who are helping children with their learning while schools are closed, we thought you might appreciate some help! We're adding more activities all the time, so do keep checking back, and follow us on Twitter or Facebook for latest updates! 

Maths games and activities

We have lots of simple screen-free games and activities. Ideally you'll need dice and playing cards - plus paper and pencils. So, download the pdf activities and turn off the computer! 

Making Decisions about Money 1 - Meal Planner

Making Decisions about Money 2 - Birthday Activities

Making Decisions about Money 3 - Bargain Hunting

Making Decisions about Money 4 - Phone Packages

Handling Money 1 - Recognising Coins

Handling Money 2 - Exchanging Coins

Handling Money 3 - Totalling sets of coins

Higher or Lower

Fruit Salad

Juice Drinks

Symmetrical Pizzas

Diamonds are Forever (playing cards needed*)

Ten by Ten (dice needed*)

Number Skittles

Aim for 21 (playing cards needed*)

Numbers to Twelve (dice needed*)

Make 24 (dice needed*)

Target Grid Dice (dice needed*)

Card Match (playing cards needed*)

Just a Minute

* If you don't have dice or playing cards you can always make simple number cards - write the numbers 1-6 on separate pieces of paper or card, turn them face down and select a card instead of rolling the dice. This is great if you want to try out some higher numbers too!

If you'd like to download and print dice or playing cards some good examples can be found on along with lots of other great game resources.

English activities

We've been helping children with their reading and comprehension for over twenty years! Click on any of the activities below for lots of great ideas based around stories, books and reading skills:

Story Stones

Story retelling - Puppets

Kim's Game

Story Stick

Role on the Wall

Paper Chains

Story Bags

Use these instructions from to make your own book and write your 'Story Bag' creation down.

Other resources

We're not the only ones with lots of ideas for learning at home! Here are some other websites that you may find helpful: 

Oxford Owl

National Literacy Trust - Family Zone

Author Events Online

BBC Bitesize - Primary

Maths on Toast

National Numeracy have produced a pack of free activities to download alongside their online Family Maths Toolkit

I See Maths - some great games for KS1 that the whole family can enjoy. along with maths lessons aimed at children in KS2.

NRICH - A wide range of fantastic maths activities for Ages 3 - 18! 


British Library - Discovering Children's Books


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