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Many of the pupils that we work with reach Key Stage 2 with basic reading accuracy but have low levels of comprehension. They are often disengaged with books and have low aspirations for themselves as readers.

'Some of the pupils doing BookQuest at our school made gains in their reading comprehension of more than 20 months in just six weeks. And, their confidence leapt'

Our BookQuest programme uses an approach which is proven to work with young people in Key Stage 2 and lower Key Stage 3. Working in small groups or one-to-one, we use dynamic and creative methods to get children responding to texts and developing their comprehension skills through predicting, interpreting, evaluating, collaborating and, above all, enjoying reading. Tutors introduce pupils to high quality children’s fiction, including picture books and short novels, and non-fiction and poetry. Responding to literature through written activities also forms part of the programme, along with specific activities to develop vocabulary and spoken language.

Tutors assess pupils reading accuracy and comprehension skills at the beginning and end of the programme. BookQuest pupils make, on average, 17 months progress in comprehension and 10 months progress in reading accuracy over the six week period. They develop motivation to read and increased skills which we hope will help them achieve as readers across the curriculum and beyond school.


“I enjoyed reading books that I thought were impossible for me to read.” (Pupil)

“Freya has really grown in confidence when reading since taking part in BookQuest. She now enjoys reading rather than seeing it as a chore as she struggled.” (Parent)

“You have obviously inspired and boosted his confidence.” (Teacher)

Luke’s story

Luke is a Year 6 pupil with some learning difficulties. When he started BookQuest, his spoken language was very poor; he struggled to express himself in full sentences and had some trouble understanding questions and instructions. Consequently he often seemed bewildered within the classroom environment. His reading ability was low; he did not like reading and did not read at home. In school, he tried to read books that other boys in his class enjoyed but they were too difficult for him. In 1:1 BookQuest sessions, he extended his oral language, began to include more detail in conversations, and speak in full sentences. The privacy of the sessions allowed him to choose stories at his level and show his enjoyment of them without feeling self-conscious. He took books home and began to read to his little brother. At the end of Year 6 he is now proud to report that his reading is “good”, and he is proud of his writing achievements. He shows confidence and enthusiasm for learning and is looking forward to secondary school.

Quest for Learning often taps into children who just need some dedicated learning time for them. With 1:1 tuition, they build a trusting relationship with their tutor which allows their voice to be heard and their self-confidence to grow in all aspects of their education.

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